Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Be open, read about Islam

Whether I want it or not, my religion show up in my face everyday. Whether I like it or not, it constantly reminds me that I have to do something. Everyday I feel empowered. Everyday I feel that I can change the world.

We need not wait for somebody else to do something. We can do it by ourselves. No matter if you think that the internet brings in bad or good influence, we have a choice to bring good or bad in our lives. We have a choice to see porn, make bombs to kill people or give alms to the needy, all through the internet. Who do you think make the internet possible?

My aim is to tell you what Islam is about. I am telling you through my heart. Although I must tell you that I am not an expert in the religion but I am sick and tired of watching TV programs that show terrorists praying to Allah.

When I was 17, at first I think nothing of what Salman Rushdie has done. Why fret about that untruth, I had thought at that time, he only wants to make money. What faster way to make money then to tell the untruth in a convincing way, to create such controversies that everyone would want to buy his book, Muslim and non Muslim?

Then I began to ponder and the answer came. I went to my religious class and I learnt that if a person tries to hide or disguise the truth of Islam, the person is accusable of blasphemy and that is punishable by death.

Let me explain why blasphemy is punishable by death. Islam separates the believers and the non believers by heaven and hell. Because Allah (God in Islam) is the ALL LOVING, HE wishes that all souls will go to heaven. Therefore when a person convinces another that Islam is bad, he is preventing the other person from heaven and that is why death is fitting for a crime so seemingly innocent.

If you are in the midst of soul searching, keep your mind open and look up on Islam. I promise you that your efforts will be WELL rewarded. Separate the Muslims from Islam because Muslims are also venerable in making grave mistakes. If you need to ask me privately, you are welcome to contact me through http://forourchildren.ws/plg_feedback but then again I am no expert, I am just tired of people getting the wrong idea about Islam and spreading the untruth in books and cartoons.

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