Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why should you not turn away at Internet Marketing

Let me take a break from promoting my programs...

I have just read a post on the leadsleap blog which says that “#1 Reason Why Most People Fail To Make Money Online”is indecision.

Well I have something to add to that. You are indecisive because most probably you are intimidated by the internet jargons.

Okay let me start over, you have all this while been keeping a job, the surest way to pay for that rent, electric bill, TV/internet subscriptions, etc. Then one day you surf the net and bombarded with people making millions through the internet. You are pulled in and tried what the program asks you to do. But exactly what are they asking you to do? Keywords… Search Engines… Blogs?

You try again and call your friends about your opportunity. But what are you left with? Ridicule and fewer friends.

But you should not be discouraged. Why? Because if you are able bodied, there are people who are less able bodied who are more successful than you. So why settle for mediocre?

If you are faced with unfamiliarity, say, the word or function of ‘keyword’. Give yourself a chance to read its definition. If nothing is understood. Shut it down. No point in getting frustrated.

Next few days, try looking it up again. Most likely at this time, you are able to grasp some ideas. Get the idea? As days past, and as you repeatedly try to learn the function of a keyword in the search engine, you will be thinking that you aren’t so ‘dumb’ after all.

Internet marketing aka selling through marketing by using the internet is not as straightforward as direct selling. There are a lot to learn to get to first base. And most likely first base does not even pay you a cent!

But since you have spent time looking up for ‘keyword’, why stop? Remember you are not ‘dumb’? Keep prodding along and before you know it, you will find out that investing your time learning will get you somewhere.

A faster way to internet marketing is to find someone who is an expert but then again, there is the problem of finding an internet marketing expert who you can trust. Not being careful might cost you money unnecessarily spent. So how do you place your trust?

Email a few people who give you the impression that he or she can help you. If he or she tries hard not to let you part with a lot of your money (I believe that it takes money to make money), most likely he or she can be trusted.

I am fortunate to have found an individual who is an expert in internet marketing and have put my trust in him. As time goes by, I have noticed that he tries his hardest to give his team regardless who is a paid member or who is a free member an almost equal opportunity to make money.

With a mentor like that, I strive as hard to follow in his footsteps. But such big shoes to fill, I am taking my time but with increasing drive each day.

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