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Natural Remedies To Treat Acid Reflux

Because people are going back to basics and finding out that natural remedies can work for acid reflux, many are looking to natural options for treatment. For example, some individuals, who have been diagnosed with depression, have been found successful in taking a herb known as St. John's Wort.
What Is Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux is a condition of the uppermost part of the digestive system which specifically means the stomach and the esophagus. Acid reflux is the backward move or reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus. This reflux of acid brings out a burning sensation due to the stomach acid flowing into the esophagus. If not treated this illness may cause ulceration of the esophagus lining.

The Don'ts In Treating Acid Reflux The Natural Way

The Actions

1) Do not overeat. There is an advice to stop eating once you satisfy your hunger pangs.

2) Do not smoke. Smoking is proven to cause and/or irritate already present acid reflux. This means that smoking is a double threat for people venerable to acid reflux disease. Usage of tobacco products are known to cause more serious illnesses such as cancer.

3) Do not eat the wrong sort of foods. Some of these foods include
i) carbonated beverages
ii) undue amounts of caffeine and acidic foods
iii) Spicy foods. Even foods which don't taste spicy can play a big role in creating acid reflux, so know what's in your food and stay away from food with spices is one way to naturally cure acid reflux.

Often people choose the natural method of treatment due to the possibility of side affects being produced through the use of unnatural medicines. Moreover, often when a medication creates an effect on one part of the body an outcome is experienced by another part of the body.

The Dos In Treating Acid Reflux The Natural Way

The Treatment Methods

1) One herb that may help as an acid reflux remedy is wormwood. Wormwood may be effective in stimulating and strengthening the entire digestive process. It performs this task by balancing the secretion of digestive juices. In addition, wormwood has been shown to have anti-parasitic qualities and helps to lessen inflammation.

2) Another herb that may help as an acid reflux remedy is garlic. The function of garlic is to destroy the bacteria that cause inflammation of the stomach. The bacteria known as H. pylori, is the only bacteria that are not affected by the acid found in the stomach.

3) Add ginger to your meals. Ginger has been known to have some healing qualities, and acid reflux sufferers can try adding ginger to some of their food and beverages. Fresh ginger is obtainable in the grocery stores, and this can be ground up and added to meals. Ginger can also taste great with tea. There are some cuisines that consist of ginger in many dishes such as Chinese cuisine.

4) Drink green tea. People with acid reflux should try to add green tea to their list of foods to cure acid reflux as it is known to help the body digest other food and beverages. In addition, herbal teas have substances such as chamomile and licorice root which provide a repair mechanism for the stomach so those with acid reflux should take these teas if possible.

5) Drink plenty of water. People with acid reflux should try to drink plenty of water which will help the body expel the excess acid more efficiently.

6) Eat bread, rice and potatoes. These foods are good for absorbing acidic fluids in your stomach. This method doesn't mean that you over eat carbs, but by eating even one piece of bread, a half cup of rice or half a potato during a full meal, you can considerably reduce the occurrences of acid reflux.

7) Do limit your ibuprofen. This kind of medication can really wear down your stomach causing acid reflux so bad that it keeps you awake at night. Try a different way of curing headaches or body pain to see if the medication you usually take is worsening your acid reflux problem.

8) Elevate the head when sleeping. When the upper body is slightly raised, the acid in the stomach tends to stay where it belongs. There are some beds that are designed to raise the head which will aid those with acid reflux. One method to solve for acid reflux includes placing blocks under one end of the bed to elevate the upper body of the person with acid reflux.

Some of these home remedies for acid reflux will work for some people but not so well for others. However, people who suffer from acid reflux should study these home remedies for acid reflux to gain natural benefits.

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