Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Best About SpiderWebSystem.com is that it is FREE!

I have not been posting because of SpiderWebSystem.com. If you do a Google search on SpiderWebSystem.com, you probably will not find much information because it is new and has about 13000 members so far.

What the creator of SpiderWebSystem.com has come up with is not unlike the highly successful pluginprofit and SpiderWebSystem.com is TOTALLY FREE to join!

Kimball Roundy the founder of SpiderWebSystem.com has scoured around the net to bring together the best FREE programs that pays its members $1 or MORE!!

Although some programs in the SpiderWebSystem are not free, you are able to skip through them and carry on with joining the free ones.

For US citizens Kimball Roundy has come up with a program that takes up the best advantage of tax rebate and if you are not a US citizen, you can still receive commission when somebody signs up under you and EVERYBODY gets $30 bonus at sign up.

SpiderWebSystem.com shows and explains to you every little detail of the programs inside. This is made possible by showing you videos. If the program is not done in this way, Kimball Roundy might have had to write a thousand page eBook which you will then have to buy and take forever to read.

Therefore if you are like me who grew up on watching too much TV, the videos are heaven sent because it eases out the trouble of you wondering if you have missed a step and keeps you awake.

This program of Kimball Roundy’s is still in beta so there is an occasional shuffling going around. Although this is happening, it is always better to get in early so that you can rake in profits from all those below you.

When you sign up at SpiderWebSystem.com, the program takes care of you by making sure that whoever that falls below you stays with you. I discovered this one night when during one of the ‘shufflings’, I signed up under somebody else other than my upline and when I logged in to check, my downline has missed signing up with me and I was bypassed.

Yikes!! My apologies to SpiderWebSystem and to those who have read the blue paragraph above. I am a believer in admitting my mistakes so that is why I choose not delete what I have written.

The paragraph in blue happened because I failed to save my details. I have since done so and my future sign ups are able to sign up after me even though I have signed up with another person besides my upline at SpiderWebSystem.

Which means I have also missed out a VERY important feature in SpiderWebSystem, that is if you are an existing member of any of the programs in SpiderWebSystem, just fill in your username affiliated with the program so there is no need for you to form another account with your existing program.

Therefore if you are already a member of Global Domains International, you need only to fill up your details in the boxes provided in SpiderWebSystem and you are able to make use of the team's beautiful design to display your account with SpiderWebSystem. This is also optional. If you do not wish to use their design, you can always use the link provided to promote your account.

If during the setting up of your account or accounts at SpiderWebSystem.com, you have made a mistake, you are able to correct the mistake at any time countless times. However make sure that you correct your mistake/s before referring your SpiderWebSystem account to your friends and family.

Another advantage of SpiderWebSystem.com is that if you don’t want to bother your friends and family, you can promote all the programs under one affiliate link to strangers worldwide, therefore saving you money from having to advertise one program at a time.

When you have signed up for Kimball Roundy’s SpiderWebSystem.com with me, feel free to ask me anything about your setting up. I will be more than happy to share my marketing resources and to answer any questions as soon as I can.


Anonymous said...

hi there,

i m living in germany and would like to join this program. i m still waiting for the email from spiderweb. can u tell me how do we living overseas get paid? do u have any idea about this?

thanks a million! :D


momoftwo said...

Hello Ruth

Thats a VERY good question. But I have to check. I will get back here with the answers.

Just for your information, my upline is from the UK. I sign up when I found that out. I myself am from the sunny island of Singapore, all the way from the other side of the globe.

So I am quite sure that you will be paid where you are.

Thanks a million to you too


Zarina said...

Hello Ruth

I cannot reveal which programs gives out what. I can only tell you in general terms.

The programs in SpiderWebSystem pays in checks, paypal, globalxchange and one gives you credit and you can spend from that credit within that program.

Hope I have answered your questions!